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Play area and fitness equipment reminder

Play area and fitness equipment reminder

The parish council reopened the Critchlow Road play areas and fitness equipment on Friday 24th July for everyone to enjoy.

Reopening the areas meant that new signage has been displayed in all areas which everyone wishing use the equipment MUST comply with. These requirements are quite simple, with people being asked to wipe down surfaces before they touch them, not gather in large groups, maintain social distancing (following the one-way system where signed), no food or drink to be consumed in the play areas and a reminder for everyone to dispose of their rubbish and used face masks/gloves/PPE properly and take it home with them.

Sadly, the one-way system for the play equipment isn't being followed. Unless EVERYONE follows the one-way system, we may have to close the play areas again, to keep everyone safe.

We would ask everyone to speak with their children to ensure they understand these simple requests and enable everyone to enjoy the play area facilities.

Posted: Wed, 29 Jul 2020 13:26 by Clerk to the Council

Tags: Local Information, NHS, coronavirus