Maps of footpaths/bridleways

These are a selection of suggested walks in, around and from Huncote. They are of varying lengths and some are easier than others. We trust you will find them of surprising interest.

They have been devised by members of the Parish Council and the public and the maps give an indication as to where they go. Hopefully they will encourage people to discover the back ways around Huncote and the surrounding countryside.

As we find with the History of Huncote, there has been more happen here than some may think.

Huncote does however have many corners of historic interest and a number of wildlife havens, including the Huncote nature reserve at Huncote Quarry, beside Croft Hill. The large scale recent developments have actually created a number of new open access areas giving more opportunities for circular walks.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the details of the walks were correct when produced. If you do find any problems on the ground or find any element not perhaps as clear as it could be, please advise the Parish Council who will arrange for matters to be checked, resolved or updated. Also if you wish to suggest another walk we could include please feel free to do so.

You are responsible for your own safety at all times and we would recommend you carry a detailed map if you are going into open countryside and woodlands around Huncote. Please remember when walking in the countryside to follow the countryside code and to wear appropriate clothing and footwear and to carry protection against possible rain.

Footpaths/bridleways in Leicestershire

Footpaths/bridleways near Huncote