Here are some recently asked questions

Dog Waste

When are the dog bins emptied?
Dog bins are emptied weekly on a Wednesday by Blaby District Council.

Where can I dispose of dog waste?
If you need a place to dispose of dog waste, please use your household waste bin or place dog waste in the public waste bins around the village, unless you are in the park, on the nature trail around Croft Hill or at the Pavilion, where specific red dog bins are provided.

Speeding vehicles

What can be done about vehicles speeding through Huncote?
The parish council petitioned Leicestershire County Council Highways to reduce the speed limit on Narborough Road following a series of accidents between 2012-2015.
The Vehicle Activated Speed Sign (shared with Croft Parish Council) is regularly moved around the village and collects details on any vehicles driving above the speed limit. Details are shared with Leicestershire Police and County Highways to improve road safety.

What can the police do about speeding vehicles?
The police must witness a vehicle speeding to be able to take action. If they do not have a camera from an approved point they are more restricted in the action they can take.