About Huncote

Locating the village of Huncote

Huncote is a small rural village lying some 10 Km (6 miles) south west of the City of Leicester. The population is around 2,000 with just over 1,300 persons on the electoral register.

History and origins of the village

The origins of Huncote are obscure, but some historical evidence suggests that the village began life as a daughter settlement of a larger, early Christian, Saxon village, possibly Stoney Stanton; "ton" meaning settlement or enclosure.

Croft Hill was an important meeting place as early as 836 A.D. when Wiglaf, King of Mercia, held a Council there. It also holds a macabre place in history as on one occasion it was a place of execution for forty-one men, sometime after St. Andrew's day (30th November) of 1124.

In the 18th century the villagers' chief occupation was domestic framework knitting. This was replaced during Queen Victoria's reign by quarrying, which improved transport by providing better roadways. The old handmade setts can still be seen as kerbstones in the older parts of the village.

The population was then just over 500, and the village extended from an area bounded by Main or Bridge Street, Church Back Lane and Thurlaston Brook, with Cheney End, The Mill and Hall Farm on the opposite side of Main Street; to include new houses on Forest Lane as far as Duncan Avenue.

The School at the bottom of Brook Street was completed in 1852 and two new chapels were built; the Primitive Methodists on Cheney End in 1874 and the Baptist on Main Street in 1876, St. James Church of England was dedicated in 1898 but was never fully completed. Huncote Cemetery was opened in 1897.

Modern-day Huncote

Modern-day Huncote has a population of around 2,300. There are two Churches; St. James the Greater Church of England in Narborough Road and Huncote Methodist, with the present building situated on Forest Road.

The area council of Churches includes Narborough (2 Km) which has a Congregational Church, and St. Pius Catholic Church. Baptist, and U.R.C. Churches are available in Enderby (4 Km). There is an active Community Centre based in the Primary School in Demnan Lane.

Huncote Leisure Centre also adds to the sporting facilities, although it is currently only open in the evenings. There are multiple active football clubs operating in the village, Burbage and Huncote Football Club and Croft Juniors which both run youth teams; an Amateur Theatrical Society (H.A.T.S.) (who also have a junior group) and a Community Library.

It has a public house, the Red Lion, with the second public house; the Barley Sheaf, having been demolished in the 1930's.

Public Transport is provided to Leicester, Narborough and Croft by Arriva. It is well served by public footpaths in the surrounding countryside. Train services are available from Narborough Station which is on the Leicester/Nuneaton line.

Details of local groups and activities can be found in our Community Directory.

Huncote's motif

The Pig on the Wall

Huncote Pig: The symbol of Huncote.
There are two possible origins (unless you know of any more).
A) That a pig in a local farm used to follow all funeral processions to the Cemetery;
B) A Huncote spin on a traditional tale.
Your choice!